Cultural Itineraries

The area is renowned internationally for the Etruscan history:

National Museum of Chiusi, where there are 300 original works, in addition to the Necropolis of Poggio Renzo with the famous Tomb of the Monkey.
• The Labyrinth of Porsenna formed by a series of tunnels used by the Etruscans as a water supply system.
Necropolis of Pianacce, located just a few kilometers from the hotel in Sarteano, with the precious painted tomb of the Quadriga Infernale.

There are many villages which preserve charming evidence of the Renaissance:

• In the Piazza Grande of Montepulciano you can admire the beautiful cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Griffi’s and Lion’s well.
• The “ideal city” of Pienza, built by Pope Pius II, gathers in the square of the wonders of the cathedral, Town Hall, Palazzo Borgia and Palazzo Piccolomini.

In proximity, you can head to admire in Umbria:

• The beautiful town of Orvieto, with its famous Gothic Duomo, Piazza del Popolo, the Torre del Moro and the majestic fortress of Albornoz.
Città della Pieve, the birthplace of one of the most important painters of the Italian Renaissance, Pietro Vannucci, known as Perugino.